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This Is My Story

Welcome to my entrepreneurial journey, where real estate investing, technological innovation, and podcasting collide. I'm Andrew Bilak, an entrepreneur who enjoys building businesses and starting unique projects that challenge the status quo. I'm also the host of 'The Andrew Bilak Show,' a podcast that brings inspiring stories and valuable insights to listeners worldwide.

My entrepreneurial drive began at a young age when I founded a window-cleaning company while at university. The taste of entrepreneurship was addictive, and I soon ventured into the realm of digital marketing, creating a social media marketing agency called RoyalWood Media, serving clients like KIA Motors through my own agency.

At the age of thirty, I took my first steps into real estate investing, acquiring student rentals near Fanshawe College in London, Ontario with a partner. It was a thrilling experience, and I was hooked from the start. Since then, I've expanded my portfolio to include six properties across southern Ontario, with my sights set on growth into international markets like the U.S., Costa Rica, and more.

My most recent business venture, RealtorHubAI, focuses on the tech side of the real estate industry. RealtorHubAI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) content service designed specifically to empower real estate agents to create high-quality content at scale. With this tool, agents can say goodbye to the arduous task of constantly spending valuable time creating content and staying consistent on social media. With RealtorHubAI, agents can generate content at scale. We eliminate the burden of content creation, freeing agents to focus on building relationships and closing deals.

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