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Podcasting - The Missing Link In Building Your Business & Brand

‘Welcome to The Andrew Bilak Show,’ this week’s guest is…..

Imagine having your own show, your own channel, your own distribution platform, where you can say whatever you like, speak about interesting topics, interview amazing people.

'Welcoming to Podcasting'....

The days of television stations, radio channels, newspapers, and direct mail have been replaced by social media, podcasting, blogging and email marketing. The way we connect with others is changing FAST, and if you blink and rest on your laurels of ‘we’ve always done it this way,’ your business is going to get knocked out of relevancy faster than a Conor Mcgregor shoulder punch, head kick combo.

For those of you who think social media is a waste of time, the rest of this article is going to fall on deaf ears.

While I can write all day when it comes to social media, I’m going to focus on one of the largest opportunities in the social media landscape when it comes to building brand, relationships, generating trust, and converting sales (both immediate & long-term), it’s called podcasting

If you don’t know what podcasting is, it’s the modern-day radio station. All you need is a microphone and you’re set. The barriers to entry in this landscape are low and the distribution platforms available for to get your message out to are plenty - Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, iHeart Radio, etc. But don’t write off podcasting due to low barriers of entry. The quality and substance of content is what wins in this arena.

It’s never been easier for you to share your message, and here’s why you need to do it via podcasting.

According to Edison Research and Triton Digital, there are now 62 million Americans listening to podcasts each week, up from 19 million in 2013. One reason for the growth is the number of choices podcast listeners have today. There are now over 800,000 active podcasts with over 54 million podcast episodes currently available worldwide.

There are podcasts about business, health, society & culture, true crime, real estate, comedy, the list goes on. Smartphones also happen to be the #1 medium for podcast consumption. That’s right, you know those little electronic devices we carry around with us every day. They are the distribution channel for people to listen to your message.

‘But I don’t have anything of value to share’

Listen, it’s 2020, there’s an 8-year-old who made $26 million last year on YouTube unboxing new toys and reviewing them. Product reviews have been around FOR DECADES. That excuse doesn't fly anymore. You’re not reinventing the wheel, you’re adding your own experience and flair to your experience about your business, brand, family business, nail salon, trucking company etc. Whatever it is, there is a niche market for people who WANT to hear about it.

So why podcasting, why not Facebook or Instagram, or YouTube.

Because podcasting is one of the fastest-growing distribution mediums that people are spending time consuming content on. It’s the medium that’s capturing what I like to call ‘transition time.’

‘Transition time’ is the time spent commuting to and from work. It’s the time spent preparing and cooking meals, it’s the time spent running errands. It’s the time where we are folding laundry, sitting around and scrolling through our phone, and ‘transition time’ makes up A LOT of time in our life.

According to Music Oomph, 49% of podcasting listening is done at home, 22% listen while driving, 11% listen at work, 4% listen while riding public transportation, 4% listen while working out, 3% listen while walking around and 7% listen in other situations. 

If the goal is to grow your business or brand, why wouldn’t you want to plug yourself into those ‘transition time’ moments. People have already shown that they want to listen to podcasts then.

Podcasting is growing exponentially and brands and businesses are taking advantage of the rising listenership that this medium has to offer.

With the rise of smart speakers (a 35% increase in growth over 2018) it’s becoming more frictionless for people to listen to podcasts. ‘Hey Alexa, play the latest episode of ‘The Andrew Bilak Show’

Podcasting is not going anywhere and is rapidly becoming the go-to medium on content consumption and it's never been easier to launch a podcast today

Are you ready to get started?

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